Quick cookie treat

Ok, here is my first real post in a really long time. Thanks for hanging in there.

Tonight I actually  had a few minutes to sit with my 9 year old, J, and make a sweet treat for him to bring to school for snack tomorrow. J loves Nilla wafers and this is just something that makes them a little extra special. It doesn’t take much to put these together, which is a bonus! As always, the first thing I did was gather my ingredients.

20171213_201924Open the Nilla wafers (in this case they are mini wafers, but these would be excellent with the normal size wafers as well) and lay all of the cookies out on a napkin. You’ll want the flat side up.

20171213_202037 (2)Next you’ll grab your spoon and, using the back of the spoon, place frosting on half of all of the wafers. You’ll  want to make sure you put enough frosting to cover the surface. It’s ok if it overflows  a bit.

20171213_202422 (2)

After frosting half of the cookies you’ll take the top cookie halts and place them on top of the cookies with the frosting.

20171213_202506 (2)

Now that the cookie sandwiches are together you’ll  use an open space on your napkin and lay out some sprinkles. Tonight we used chocolate sprinkles and Christmas sprinkles that had red, green, and little snowflakes. You can use whatever sprinkles you want for this.

20171213_202608 (2)

Now take each cookie sandwich and roll them through the sprinkles so the sprinkles get stuck to the frosting that is in the middle of the cookies.

20171213_202630 (2)

That’s it!! My son rolled all of the Christmas ones and I did all of the chocolate ones.

20171213_202928 (2)

Now all you do is put them in a little sandwich bag and either put them in the fridge (if you like your frosting a little more set) or leave them on the counter (or in a lunchbox) until ready to eat. My son loves these and they are so simple to make. We were done in less than 15 minutes. Hopefully your family enjoys them as much as mine does!!


1 package mini Nilla Wafers
1 can of frosting (I had fluffy white on hand)

Open your cookie package and lay them out (flat side up) on the napkin. Using the back of your spoon, spread a decent amount of frosting on half of the cookies. Take the other half of the cookies and place them on top of the frosting to make little cookie sandwiches. Lay out your sprinkles in 1 or 2 rows. Take each cookie sandwich and roll them through the sprinkles so the sprinkles get stuck in the frosting. Store in an airtight container or sandwich bag. Enjoy!



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